Rescue Romar: A short introduction

March 23, 2009


Lorenzo gets his first view of the city

Lorenzo gets his first view of the city

Back in January, nearly 600 dogs were rescued from the Snohomish and Skagit Counties in Washington State. These dogs were subject to the harsh conditions of a puppy mill – a glorified designer-dog factory where animals are forced to breed with little access to food, space or human interaction. 

On Friday, March 20, 2009, we met “Alvin” – a frail, but adorable male Yorkshire Terrier who they believed to be three-years old – at the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue, WA. 

His owners to-be riding high from a Washington Husky win in NCAA Tournament – a scrappy little Yorkie left the rescue facility with a purple collar, a loving family and his new identity: Lorenzo Romar

As these horrible operations continue to be invaded by authorities, the number of homeless pets will climb. It is our hope to bring awareness to this cause and attest that these lovable victims can make great pets in their second shot at life.

Check back daily for updates and observations as Lorenzo Romar, the canine, adapts to a normal life post-puppy mill.


2 Responses to “Rescue Romar: A short introduction”

  1. Vera said

    Hi Lorenzo…..I will have to hear the details of, firstly your name, and then your particular story……Are you positive you are three????? My kitties are only one, but are three times your size. We will see how much you will grow, now that you can eat all you wish. Hope you are becoming happier each and every day. Keep me updated.

  2. Vera said

    Okay Lorenzo, I watched the Husky tape, and I believe there is a clue to your name within….right??? I am just not with the “sport thing”. I will ask Ernie when he returns. I did poke around and actually read J’s blog on your first Vet appt. I would say you have been given a great 2nd Life as a doggy…I can actually imagine how little you are, seeing the pictures of you next to Nigel & Lily, who are real giants I see….My kitties just weighed in at 12 and 13 pounds, so be careful in case you meet them, as they like to lie on bodies…..GGV

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